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Cutting-edge software solutions to simplify and modernise your operations.

The essential modern tool to streamline your aeromedical and patient transport operations.

Landing Sites

A fully coordinated approach to airport, airstrip and helicopter landing site information.


Manage stadium event operations, communications and incident response under one simple system.


We make the complex, simple.

Successfully managing the operations of any organisation requires skilful navigation of a complex and interconnected web of data, communications and information.

At Innocast, we use the power of technology to simplify complex operations management ecosystems.

Our modern software solutions:

Bring together multiple strands of data to create a single, clear picture.
Instantly, and simultaneously, communicate a vast amount of information to people across dispersed geographical locations.
Help organisations make significant improvements to service delivery, staff safety and outcomes.
Support our clients to manage every aspect of their operations with confidence and ease.
Our Story

Impact and innovation.

Founded in 2013, Innocast grew from strong roots in delivering software and support services to public safety agencies supporting 80% of Australia’s population.

Our mission to create meaningful impact for the communities we live in has continued to grow along with our drive for innovation.

We continue to find new ways to stretch the boundaries of technology and create responsive, intuitive and dependable software solutions that are tailored to our client’s unique needs.

Partnering with you

Now and in the future.

Our deep commitment to identifying ways to better serve our clients is at the heart of what we do.

We stake our pride and reputation on the quality of our work and the long term relationships we develop with our clients.

Our client partnerships include long term support, 24/7 assistance and genuine interest in creating solutions that actually work and are a joy to use.

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Our People

Meet some of the team.

Kevin Leggett

As Director and Founder of Innocast, Kevin is deeply involved in every aspect of Innocast’s management from software development and project management to customer support and team growth. His background includes expertise and experience across software development, computer science and business management.

Clare McMahon
Software Tester / Developer

With software development experience across a range of industries, including emergency services, Clare has a keen eye for using technology to enhance operations in a variety of settings. She has expertise in point of sale and inventory control, software development and deployment, customer training and support, third-party integrations and user documentation.

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